Antique Oriental Rugs

An investor looks for diversity as a protection on their investments. There are some areas that provide diversity while increasing value if the investor is knowledgeable. One of these areas is antique oriental rugs. It is important, however, that the investor do the homework before any money is spent.

Study The Business
Initially, the best advice is not to start buying any antique oriental rugs until there is a thorough knowledge about what to look for. Some of the places to gain this knowledge are easy to locate.

Books provide a good place to start. There are many professionals who have written about the antique oriental rugs market after their years of study. It might be best to purchase these books and start a library for future reference.

There is always a vast amount of information online. Select websites where professional knowledge is evident and mark them for future reference. Many times the authors of the books will also have a website where current information about specific types of antique oriental rugs is available.

Learn Their Origination
There is a lot of variety in oriental rugs. As the name suggests, they are made in the Orient. This includes countries like China and Vietnam on the east; Turkey, Cyprus and Iran on the west, the Caucasus on the north and India on the south. Because of the number of countries involved, it is generally a good idea to spend time looking at the different types of rugs by visiting shops that deal in them. Learning where the rugs are from, how old they are and what types of material they are made from will enable you to develop the skill to know their value.

Analyze The Rug
It is sometimes good to purchase an inexpensive rug and dissect it to analyze the fabric texture and the weaving process. This analysis will enable you to assess a rug’s quality.

Specialize In A Collection
After research has begun, another good idea is to specialize in a particular type of antique oriental rugs. This may be determined by your personal taste and in the near future you can become a professional in this particular collection.

Start Purchasing
Now, you should be ready to start the purchasing process. There are four good markets in which to buy antique oriental rugs. They include antique stores, auction houses, carpet dealers and online. Visiting the seller for first hand viewing is a good way to start the purchasing process but sometimes this is not possible especially with online sellers so an email or phone call may be your only option.

With your acquired understanding of antique oriental rugs, your purchases should be considered as investments that will increase as time goes on and you will make a good profit at some future date.

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